Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gifting at The Veranda

Oh I have been so excited to share this with you!  I had to wait because we gave this sweet little wreath to My Love's Mom for Mother's Day, and it was waayyy late!!!!

I started by wrapping a straw wreath with turquoise yarn.  I went to see Lucy at Attic 24 for my flower tutorials. She has a whole list of tutorials, and they are so easy to follow!  I simply picked the ones I liked best, and off I went!  I should have taken more photos while I was crocheting, but I couldn't stop myself long enough to pick up my camera!!!!  (or phone, as the case may be!)

I made 5 different flowers with leaves, and arranged them on my wreath.  The tutorials I used were here, here, here, here, and I do apologize. I cannot find the tutorial I used for the large orange and fuscia (did I spell that right?) flower.  I will continue to search blog-land.  Once I find it, I will post a link.

I attached the flowers with hot glue, and used straight pins in the middle with colored heads for extra embellishment.  I attached the little sprays, added the lace, and voila!  A colorful wreath to hang on the door!  

My Mom-in-Love almost did not receive this wreath.  I love it, and wanted to keep it for myself!  But I knew that I would fall in love with whatever it was I was making next, and the wreath would be forgotten.  Well, I have not forgotten this happy little wreath.  It has inspired me to make a bunch of colorful flowers to hang in my cubicle at work, and brighten up the space a bit!  I will share that project when it's complete!

Just an update on the illustrious camera cord....we have, again, received the wrong cord.  I share this with you, lest you think I did not give my own mother a handmade gift for Mother's Day.  Well, I did!  It was an embroidered wall-hanging!  Quite adorable, if I say so myself!  But...of course...the photos are on THE CAMERA!  I think I might just buy a new camera......

Make it an awesome day!

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