Monday, June 17, 2013

More gift-giving at The Veranda

See this?  I call it the ugly quilt.  I made it a little over a year ago with the intention of giving it to my daughter.  I love how the embroidery came out, but I hate the border.  What was I thinkin'?  So it has laid in my craft room, waiting to be loved.

When I was thinking about what to get my mom for my Mother's Day, I remembered the ugly quilt.  I had been working on a quilt for my nephew who is due to arrive June 26, when inspiration hit.  

I did the most unthinkable thing any quilter can do.  I cut it up!  

I took my scissors, and simply cut the border off! freeing!  Better already!  

I cut a piece of muslin the size of the embroidered piece, and sewed borders made from the denim from my dad's old jeans. I then layered it with batting, and the back of the quilt is the quilted inner lining of my dad's flannel shirts.  

I quilted these 3 layers together.  I attached the embroidered piece to the front of the quilt by using a blanket stitch all around.  I added the binding, hanging sleeve, and label, and the ugly quilt was now beautiful!

I love this wall hanging!  I love the quote about family.  I love that I was able to use my dad's old jeans and flannel shirts in this wall hanging about family.  I love that I gave it to my Mom for Mother's Day.  Rather appropriate, don't you think?

Make it an awesome day!

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