Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Just checking in....

I cannot believe summer is almost over!  Truly, it has flown by!  What have you been doing with your summer?  Me, I've been learning to knit!!!!  Because what else would you do in 95 degree weather, but create items to be used during 45 degree weather!

I taught myself to knit several years ago, but was never confident in my skills.  I tended to shy away if someone asks me to knit something for them.  My Honeylove and I went to a local yarn shop looking for yarn for crocheting, and we asked about knitting classes.  Next thing you know, we were signed up!  And we are loving it!!!

My first project was this super simple purple scarf.....

A hat for my love.....(yes, a hat!  That means knitting in the round!!!!)  My Doodlebug is modeling for me.  Doesn't he look happy????

And my favorite so far is this shawl, which I have wrapped around Elizabeth's neck....

I must say, I do not know which I enjoy more, crochet or knitting.  Both are so relaxing, and can be very useful skills.  The creative possibilities are endless!  And the yarn!  Oh the beautiful yarn!!!  It is my new addiction!

I've also been working on some jewelry, which you can find in my Etsy Shop.  My current jewelry project is a bead embroidered cuff.  I really enjoy this technique.  Again, endless creative possibilities!

So, what are you doing this summer?  Learning any new skills?  Any new creations?  Please share!

Make it an awesome day!

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