Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blue Dawn....

Hello good people!  I hope you are doing well.  So many kids are returning to school this week.  I pray the transition into this new school year is smooth as silk for you!

I found an awesome idea on pinterest, my favorite website, for a cleaning schedule.  She breaks it down into little bits each day.  This week I've actually been implementing this plan, it's been hanging on my fridge for the last month, and I must say it's great.  A little effort every morning before work leaves my evenings free for other fun stuff!

Also on pinterest I found an awesome idea for a shower cleaner.  I tried to upload a photo, but haven't been successful.  Anyway, take one  f those little scrubbie things for the dishes that have a tube attached, and you fill with dish soap.  Fill it half full with vinegar, and the other half with blue Dawn dish-soap.  Use it on the shower wall after your shower.  Then I squeegee my shower, and oh my goodness!  How easy to keep those showers looking good, with minimal effort.  I love this mixture so much I'm going to mix a batch and put in a spray bottle to use on the tub.  It seems I cannot find a tub cleaner that works well, that I don't have to wear a gas mask to use.  I'll keep you posted on the results.

Another use for blue Dawn is to mix it 1 part Dawn with 2 parts peroxide.  This is seriously the best stain remover in the world.  There was a stain in the corner of my dining room carpet that had been there before I bought the house.  I've used various cleaners on it, and nothing worked.  Enter blue Dawn and peroxide.  Spray it on, then used my carpet cleaner on it because I was actually cleaning my carpets that day.  Voila!  It's gone!!!  Gotta love it!

One last thing I'm going to try with the blue Dawn is to make glass cleaner.  I used to make it with 1 gallon of distilled water, minus 16 ounces.  Add 16 ounces of rubbing alcohol, and 2 tbsp of Prell shampoo.  Shake it, then pour into spray bottle.  Clean windows to your heart's content!  Instead of the Prell, I'm going to substitute the blue Dawn.  I have a sneaky feeling I will like the results!

I think that's all I have to say about cleaning for now!  It's really not one of my favorite past-times, but I do love to share a good product when I find one.  Blue's the bomb!!!!

Make it an awesome day!!!

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