Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello dear people!  Did you have a wonderful weekend???  I did not get into my craftroom, but I went to Ej's first football game!!!!!  It's so much fun watching those little guys play their little hearts out!  A wave of memories washed over me, remembering his Uncle's first football game.  Ahhhh.....

The last time I posted I mentioned a cleaning schedule.  It has worked so well for me.  It helps me to keep the house tidy, and I didn't feel guilty this weekend when I was gone all Saturday afternoon at the football field.  Here is a copy of the schedule.  I found this on pinterest.  I believe the blog it's from is  I printed it, and now it lives on my fridge.

Remember I talked about vinegar and Blue Dawn????  Well I mixed some up in a spray bottle, sprayed the tub, and 2 hours later my tub looked like I had been scrubbing for those 2 hours!  And I NEVER lifted a scrub-brush!!!!  I was amazed!!!  Another bonus, besides saving time, no toxic fumes.  Yes, it smelled like vinegar in my bathroom for a little while, but that smell was gone when I rinsed the tub.  Much better than all the toxic fumes!!!!  I have a new love affair with Blue Dawn dishsoap!

I am ordering a new battery for my camera.  Soon I will be taking photos, and hopefully things will be a little more interesting around here.  Lots of ideas running through my head!!!

Make it an awesome day!!!

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