Monday, November 26, 2012

New do!!!!!

I have a surprise at the end of the week!!!!  While gearing up for that surprise, I thought I'd post about a few people I know who are in business for themselves.  I truly appreciate a person who takes the plunge.  Someone who believes they have the talent and ability to make a living oing something they love!

After work, I had an appointment to get my hair colored.  (This is a very regular occasion.  You can set your calender by my hair appointments!)  Anyway,since I am in the hair-do mode, I thought I'd start with the awesome Terri Mabry, of  TLM4 Designs.  You can find her on facebook at TLM4 Designs @ Salons at The Greene.  Terri has been taking care of my locks for longer than I can remember.  Color is her specialty!  (It must be.  I am completely white!  Thanks to Terri, nobody can tell unless I go an extra week before I get my roots done.  Trust me, this does not happen often!!!)  I think there is a lot to be said when other designers compliment my hair color.  This has happened to me many times.

Now if you live in the Dayton area, you must see her.  Call now, as I booked my pre-Christmas appointment a month ago.  Look your best for the holidays, or treat yourself to a makeover for the new year!  For those of you who don't live in the Dayton area, come visit me.  While you're here,  you can make appointment to see her!  See, 2 birds, one stone.  Multi-tasking!  I am the master!!!!

(This is not the best picture of me.  It was taken on vacation, and I cropped out My Love.  My other option was to take a picture of me right now, but I'm in my jamms.  Didn't think you'd appreciate that!)

Seriously, Terri is the best at what she does.  I have told her if she ever moves out of state, it had better be someplace warm.  I will follow her wherever she goes!!  Not only is she an awesome designer, but a good friend, too.  I am thankful for her talents, but I am especially thankful for her friendship.

So, book your hair appointment!  Treat yourself!  You will be soooo glad you did!  And check back in this week.  Lots of good stuff!!

Make it an awesome day!

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