Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Small business owner Number 2!

I have a dear friend that I have known for years.  Three years ago she gave birth to twins (YIKES!).  She went back to work, but decided her heart was at home with her babies.  She left her paying job to become a stay-at-home-mom, and I know it was the best decision she and her husband ever made.  She decided she wanted to earn a little extra cash, so created her small business called "2B Photography by Elizabeth Mullins."  I am sooo glad she did!

See, my daughter graduated from high school 6 years ago.  At the time Elizabeth was the photographer at our local Moto Photo.  Of course, she took Aubrey's senior photos, and did a beautiful job.   Fast forward 6 years, and Jordan is graduating from high school. Who was going to take his senior photos?  Luckily, Liz had started her business.  She has taken senior photos of both of my children, and I cherish them. 

Liz will meet you at your choice of location, take a gazillion photos, and will provide a CD with the photos.  Her prices are sooo reasonable.  All you have to do is print the photos yourself, or take the cd to any photo lab to have them printed.  You have the control of what you want printed, what size, and how many. I know this is another business owner that is local to the Dayton area.  But again, come visit me, and we'll hook you up!

Oh, something else I know she has done....on Thanksgiving Day she had a client request she come take their family photos because that is the only time they can get everyone together.  Elizabeth did it!  That is some awesome customer service!

Think you have to be local to utilize her talents?  Well, she has another aspect to her business.  She crochets beautiful hats, blankets, and other items.  I think it started as props for her photography, but grew into much more.

Check her out on facebook.  2B Photograph by Elizabeth Mullins.  You'll be glad you did.

One more endorsement for Liz.  This photo was taken at my son's high school graduation.  It was held at The Nutter Center at Wright State.  Elizabeth was right at the top of the seating.  I am truly amazed she was able to zoom in, and capture the smile on his face as he received his diploma.  One of my favorites.

One last time, 2B Photography by Elizabeth Mullins.  Find her on facebook.  Just do it!

Make it an awesome day!

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