Sunday, February 3, 2013

How can it be February?

Isn't it January 3rd?  Where did the month go?  It cannot be February 3rd, already!

Talking about February, are you the kind of person that thinks Valentine's Day is just another Hallmark Holiday?  Or do you celebrate love and romance?  Me?  I'm a celebrator of love and romance!
After the Christmas Holiday is over, and all the decorations are packed away, I leave my house in a "neutral" theme during the month of January.  I think I just like to rest my eye for a bit. And the rest of my weary body for that matter!!!  But come February, I start to get that twitch, again.  Out comes the red!!!

It seems every year I add a little bit more to my Valentine decorations.  Really, there aren't very many.  Just enough to catch my eye!

The Love banner on the left is the first Valentine decoration I made after my divorce.  I had bought my house, and felt I could celebrate again.  It looks bigger than it is. It consists of 3x3 inch squares of cardboard that I decorated.  The total length is probably 15 inches from the nail it hangs on, to the bottom square.

The little heart wall hanging is a small quilt I made.  You can't tell in the photo, but I embellished the quilt with silver beads.  It was my first "Art Quilt."

I made the little stuffed hearts just to sit around on shelves, or in baskets and bowls.  I've heard these little gems called "tuck-ins".  I just think they're cute!

I made the wreath yesterday.  I used a straw heart-shaped wreath I bought at a thrift store, and a yard of red burlap.  I love the look of the red on my black front door!!

I also have some heart garland, and Valentine Boyd's Bears that are in my living room.  Honestly, I did take photos, but couldn't get them to fit in my collage properly!!!  (I'm such a dork!)  I'm also working on some cards for all of my lovies, but I can't share them until after I give them!!!  (Don't want to spoil any surprises!!!)

Are you working on any Valentine projects?  Do share!!!

Make it an awesome day!


  1. Hi...thanks for stopping by my blog. So glad the truncating post was helpful. Seeing you mentioned you were new to blogging, I wasn't sure if you knew that your blog comments are set to "No Reply". This means there isn't an email address attached to your blog account and there isn't a way for anyone to respond back to any of your comments. If you ever want to change that, there is a tutorial on my right side bar labeled "Are you a no reply".
    Thanks again for commenting on my blog and have a great day,

  2. What a wonderful start to blogging! Perhaps you will begin to share your jewelry making journey here as well!

    One good tip about blogging, make sure a picture is visible with each truncated post - people love seeing pictures. So place the first picture high up in the post.

    Blogging can be addictive!