Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sweet Sister Hope

I have to start out bragging about My Love.  Last weekend he told me we were going to dinner with friends on Thursday evening.  They just found out they are expecting, and wanted to celebrate.  Ok, I thought this was a little different, but I'm always up to a night out.  We go to dinner, and as we are finishing our meal, the expecting couple handed a card to me.  I opened it thinking they hand delivered their Christmas card this year.  Which they did, but inside were 2 tickets to see the TRAN SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA!!!!!!!!  Yes!  My Love got tickets to see TSO, and our whole group was going.  A total, wonderful surprise!!  If you have never seen them in concert I highly recommend.  AMAZING!!  The best part???  Seeing the look on Chris's face when he saw how happy I was.  What an amazing gift.  Two days later, and I am still grinning!  Thank you, Love!!!  

Now on to the real post I had planned....

I have a younger sister, and her name is Hope.  I was 3 when she was born.  I don't remember that period of time, but my mom has said she knew something was wrong right away.  Hope lacked that "will to live."  Everything she ate came back up.  Weight gain was slow.  Finally, at 18 months old, she was diagnosed as being "Moderately Mentally Retarded."  If Hope were born today, we would  have known before she was born that she had some disabilities.  The diagnosis would probably be more along the lines of "mentally challenged."  At least, that's what the nurse at her doctor's office called it.  Anyway, to us she is just our Sweet Sister Hope.  Well, usually she is sweet.  Sometimes she is a little cranky.  

I love this photo.  It was taken by the awesome Elizabeth Mullins of 2B Photography.  Hope loves her baby, and carries her wherever we go.  My next project should probably be a new dress for baby.  Last night while shopping, baby lost her dress.  I don't know how, and I don't know where.  All I do know is Hope is carrying around a naked baby.  Not good.

When looking for an art project for Hope (she loves to craft, just like her sister!) I look for projects that a pre-schooler would enjoy.  I found this project on Pinterest (my favorite website other than my blog!)  It's super easy, Hope loved it!

Art canvas
Acrylic paints
Blue Painters tape

All you do is tape off a word, or you could do a shape.  Drizzle some paint on the canvas, and swirl away.  You can use finger paints, but we used the acrylic paint.  For Hope it was best to use a brush, dipped in a little water.  I found that helps spread the paint more easily.  We chose her name.  Truthfully, it's the only word she knows how to spell.  She recognizes it, and will spell it for you if you ask.

This painting sits on a shelf in her room.  (She is with me almost every weekend, and has her own room at my house.  She will show her room to you, along with her new bed.  Her bed is actually 7-8 years old, but to her it's new.)  I think it would be a sweet project for a toddler to make for a grandparent for Christmas.  

What projects have you started for Christmas?  I would love to hear from you.  I need some more ideas!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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