Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Creating on the Veranda

Have you heard of Cre8time?  It is a movement launched by the Craft and Hobby Association, dedicated to encourage creativity in all of us.  I must say, I went to the website, and I joined.  And that is all I've done.  Well, not really.  I have been creating, but I haven't shared it on the site.  Instead, I want to share with you.

I've been working on this afghan for about a year.  It's done in single crochet, so has taken much longer than I intended when I started.  I haven't been very consistent in working on it, so that doesn't help my timeline either!  It's made with a bunch of scraps from my stash, and is quite dense and heavy.  It will be quite warm....when I'm done with it!  It figures the weather is starting to get warm, just as my resolve to complete this project has kicked into high gear!   Ah well....the air conditioner will be on soon, and I will need something to snuggle with while watching tv!

These brightly colored granny squares will be stitched together to make a throw pillow for Sweet Sister Hope's room.  She loves bright colors!  And so does her sister!  I have stitched these up during my lunch at work.  I've kind of shocked myself at what I have been able to get done on this with just a few minutes a day.

I love the idea of Cre8time.  I have committed myself to doing something creative daily.  Sometimes, the only time I have is the few minutes during my lunch at work.  Sometimes, it's crocheting while watching tv with My Love in the evening.  And sometimes, it's a quiet evening in my craft room, working on a quilt.  It is anytime, and anywhere I have a few moments to work on a project.  I have made a commitment to do this daily because I have found I am much more peaceful when I am crafting.  It soothes me, clears my head, and helps me calm down if I am upset about something.

What about you?  What are you working on?  Will you commit to some creative time daily?  Share your projects with me!  I love to see what others are working on so that I get inspired!!!!!

Make it an awesome day!

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