Sunday, May 5, 2013

Coffee on the Veranda....

I love coffee!!!  Nothing fancy, just plain ole' Chock full o' nuts!  Add a little sugar, some fat free French Vanilla Cream, and I am in heaven!!!

When I was a little girl, I remember my mom getting together with neighbor-ladies for a cup of coffee.  Sometimes they would enjoy iced tea, but usually it was coffee.  They would sit at the kitchen table sipping away, while catching up on the latest news.  Often, they would work on some sort of crochet or embroidery project.  Those are good memories.

My best-friend and I have started meeting at a coffee shop each week.  It's the perfect place to catch up, enjoy a coffee or tea, and work on whatever handwork project we might currently be working on.  Of course, my favorite part is catching up, but I love the fact neither of us have to clean the house in order to host!!!  Less pressure!!!!!

I thought maybe we could do the same thing here.  So...grab a cup of coffee or tea, and let's chat....I'll go first.

Right now I am  LISTENING to House Hunter's on HGTV.  And Sweet Sister Hope chattering to her baby.

For dinner, we will be EATING grilled pork chops, cucumber salad, and rice.  Yummo!  Love me some cucumber salad!!!

I am DRINKING  some ice water instead of coffee as this post suggests.  Sorry my friends.  I am writing this at  5:15 p.m.  If I drink coffee now, I will stay awake until 2 a.m.!!!  I have my coffee in the morning.  Two cups, please!  Then I'm good for the day.

I am FEELING  rather peaceful right now.  Sundays do that to me.  I love Sundays.  Probably my favorite day of the week!

The WEATHER  is kind of cool and over-cast.  It's drizzled off an on all day.  That's fine with me. My hostas needed a drink of water.  God provides!!!!

I am WANTING  to get myself on a regular schedule of posting on this blog, instead of the sporadic posts I manage.  Discipline, it's all about discipline!

I am NEEDING  nothing right now.  Except maybe to put my sweatshirt back on.  Getting a little chilly!

I am THINKING  that after I am done with this post, I will go work on the quilt I am making for my nephew.  He is due June 28, and I cannot wait to meet him!!!

I am ENJOYING  this last evening before starting another busy work week.  Did I mention I love Sundays????

Ok, now it's your turn.  What's on your mind????



  1. Right now I am LISTENING to the sounds of the birds chirping as it turns to dusk.

    For dinner, we ate grilled chicken and veggies kabobs with grilled potatoes and onions. Yummy.

    I am DRINKING nothing. Should probably pour myself some water.

    I am FEELING rather peaceful, yet a little apprehensive as I head into the work week. ECA testing for Algebra starts this week. Nervous for my students and my boy. Hope we don't have the testing debacle of last week again.

    The WEATHER is beautiful! Finally, a weekend with 70 degree sunny days and NO rain.

    I am WANTING to lose this extra weight. Discipline, it's all about discipline!

    I am NEEDING for the school year to be over and summer vacation to begin.

    I am THINKING that I wished we lived closer so that you could teach me to crochet.

    I am ENJOYING some nice quiet time after having Kaitlyn, her boyfriend, Matt, and Kyle around all weekend. I love them dearly and love having them all here, but some quiet time is a good way to end the weekend and get ready for Monday.

    Love, Deborah

    1. Deborah, I hope testing is going well! I would love to show you how to crochet! What a blast we would have. Isn't it fun to have the kids around, but it's nice when it's peaceful again. Even Elijah! I love it when I get to spend time with him, but I'm ready when he goes home. When does Kaitlyn leave for London? That is so exciting! (Saw it on Facebook!)

  2. It is 9:45 Wednesday night and Kaitlyn should be in the air on her way to London. Have to admit, I've been a bit of a mess today thinking of sending my baby girl across the pond by herself (well with a professor and other students, but not with me.) :) Algebra testing is complete, next week we do English 10. May, the month of testing in public schools! LOL