Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Honey-do list at The Veranda

I want to vent for just a minute.  I am sooooo frustrated with myself.  I still cannot find my camera cord!  You know when you put something someplace because you think you will remember it being there?  Yeah, well that's what I thought I did, but it's not there.  I will continue my search (my house is only 1200 sq. ft. for crying out loud.  Not too many places it could be!), but in the meantime I tried looking on-line to purchase a new one.  No luck so far in my search.  I can find my camera, but no cords.  So I put My Love on the job.  He will find a compatible cord, or the original cord.  Either way, I know he will fix this for me.  He always does!

Issue 2:  Sweet Sister Hope was not so sweet the last time she was at my house.  She wrote on my love seat with a ball point pen!!!!  It's a brand new love seat!!!  ARGH!!!!  Now, it is chocolate brown, so difficult to see the markings.  Of course, I see them.  Also, this is not an expensive love seat, but it' BRAND STINKIN' NEW!!!!  Honestly, it's vinyl.  Regardless, I'm still trying to remove the marks, and have not been successful.  Does anyone have any idea how to get pen off vinyl?  I have tried hairspray, 409, and Magic Erasers.  No luck.  Please, please, please if you have any ideas comment on this post!  I would appreciate it more than you know because this is driving me crazy!

The weather here has gotten very interesting.  Frost warnings Sunday night, and today I believe it was 84!  I prefer 84!  It has me thinking of summer, and all I want to get done.  I started a Honey-Do list.  It's rather short because I want these items done by the end of May.  That's why I am writing this post...for accountability!  So, hold me to it!!!  Here is our list:

  • Hang ceiling fan in master bedroom
  • Fix outdoor faucet
  • Paint the closet doors in the den
  • Paint my craft room, and Hope's bedroom (they're connected)
  • Clean the garage (it used to be a garage.  Years ago someone converted part of it to a bedroom, which is now our den.  The rest of the garage is about the size of a storage shed.  And it's a disaster!)
  • Shampoo carpets
This does not sound like a huge list, but like I said, I want it done by the end of May.  Both of us work full-time, and My Love is also a Realtor.  And it's his busy season!  I know with a little organization we can get it done.  What's on your Honey-Do list????

Don't forget to leave a comment if you have some secret to removing ink off a vinyl love seat!!!

Make it an awesome day!

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  1. Did you try your vinegar and dawn mix stuff?