Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's done!!!!

 Remember these sweet little granny squares?  Well, I stitched them all together, whipped up a back, and tah-dah........

It's finished!  This sweet little pillow now sits happily on  my sister's bed!  What excites me about this little dandy, is I did the entire project during my lunch at work.  Well, all except crocheting the front to the back, and then the cute little shell stitch border.  I did that while watching the American Idol finale.  (Go Candice!)  Anyway, I won't post a tutorial on granny squares because there are a billion out there, but I will tell you my process.

I was inspired by Lucy at Attic 24.  (Check out her blog.)  She is so creative!  She has shared a lot of crochet tutorials, that are very easy to follow.  She does post in UK terms, but she explains the differences in the stitches.  What I love about her work are the colors she uses.  Very bright and cheerful!  Reminds me of sherbert! 

I used an acrylic yarn because I want to be able to wash it if I need to.  Red Heart is the brand I used.  I made 25 squares, crocheted them together using a single crochet.  The back is done completely in double crochet, in white yarn.  I single crocheted the front to the back, then did a shell stitch all around as a border.  The pillow measures 18x18 in.

My next lunchtime project will be an afghan for Hope's bed.  This little pillow took about 2 weeks to complete, of working about 30-40 minutes during my lunch.  The afghan....well maybe it will be done by mid-summer!  Wish me luck!

Make it an awesome day!

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