Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Do you remember the feeling in your heart the first time you held your newborn child in your arms?  I remember this feeling of complete awe.  Wondering, can I do this?  Can I be a mom to this perfect creature God gave to me?

You have no choice but to jump in with both feet.  Make decisions, watch them grow, and pray that despite yourself they will come out ok.  

Then they become adults.  They make their own decisions.  They continue to grow as people.  And you find all you can do at this point is  pray that something you taught them along the way has stuck.  

You watch them make decisions you know are wrong, but you have no control.  You tell them what you think, but ultimately it is up to them.  You wonder if there was something you could have done different so they will come to their senses, and listen to your wisdom.  But you can't make them listen.  They have to find their way, just like you did.  

That quote at the top?  I saw that on A Cottage Industry.  It was the very first blog I followed.  Right now, it's pretty accurate.  But tomorrow is a new day.  

All you can do is pray.....

Make it an awesome day!

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