Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Evening on the Veranda

Happy Friday Evening!  Are you enjoying the start to your weekend?  Any plans for the night?  We are getting ready to watch this week's Idol episodes.  I still don't know who went home this week, and please don't tell!!!  Our winner this year is Candice!  She is incredibly talented, and whenever we hear her sing we are mesmerized!

Are you familiar with Picmonkey?  It's a free photo-editing website.  I have played around with it in the past, but Brenda at Cozy Little House has encouraged me to become more familiar with the website.  (BTW, if you have not visited Brenda, you absolutely must do so!  Her home oozes with charm!  She takes some of the most beautiful photos of birds, flowers, anything outdoors, that you have seen.  Seriously, it is amazing how she can make a tree look like a piece of art!!!!  And she is a quilter, which in my book automatically makes her good people!)

Anyway, I created both of these banners using Picmonkey, as well as the TGIF button.  What do you think?  I think they are pretty stinkin' cute!  I have edited photos before using Picmonkey.  They offer so many special effects.  It's very cool, and the basic program is free.  How awesome is that????

I know I will be editing photos way more often than I ever have before.  And you just might see some banners I've created here on The Veranda.  What about you?  

Make it an awesome day!

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